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VectorPro MT software

VectorPro® MT materials testing software

VectorPro MT software is designed and developed by Mecmesin specifically for use with the OmniTest and MultiTest-dV range of materials testers. It's drag and drop interface enables operators to create everything from complex materials testing procedures to simple product testing.

Built-in stress and strain calculations, backed-up by powerful reporting tools, make VectorPro MT the ideal choice for routine quality control checks and more detailed analysis of materials properties. Perfect for use in both QC and R&D laboratories.

Audit trails and e-signature functionality are embedded in the software's architecture to support customers in the medical and pharmaceutical industry for compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

VectorPro MT testing software offers testing freedom and ease of use

Freedom and support to meet your materials testing needs

Easily create step-by-step test routines

Start measuring stress/strain, tensile, shear, flexure and compressive forces to evaluate your materials. It takes just a few minutes to create your own step-by-step test routines.

We will help get you started and are always on hand to support you.

Unlimited user licenses

Every test system comes with a full and unlimited user licence for VectorPro MT testing software. There are no hidden extras or limitations - you get the full package.

Share data files easily around the world

Copy and install the software on any computer making it easier to share data files with colleagues around the world.

Key features


Intuitive icon-driven interface and workspace

Advanced 'drag and drop' test routine builder

Personalised user accounts and favourites

Touch screen enabled


Stress/strain machine control

Active load control (load holding & load ramping)

System deflection compensation

Manage user permissions and audit trail


Built-in materials testing calculations

Customisable test report templates

Print and e-mail reports in Adobe PDF format

Export data to Excel and other analysis packages

VectorPro MT controls the materials testing system

Software control

VectorPro MT testing software runs on Windows 10 computers, taking full control of the test frame motor whilst simultaneously collecting data from the ELS loadcell and displacement channels.

Start your chosen routine from a PC or console and VectorPro MT automates the complete test procedure.

Easy to use

Design and configure step-by-step test routines to match your testing procedures. An intuitive 'drag and drop' interface makes it easy to create, customise and save tests.

VectorPro MT provides stress-strain machine control, basic and active load control, as well as system deflection compensation, for precision testing.

Take control

Personalised user accounts enable quick access to commonly performed tests, and restricts who can create or run tests, view results and produce reports.

VectorPro MT's event log enables supervisors to authorise actions with e-signatures, providing an audit trail for FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Gather essential information with a 'prompt for value' (compulsory user input) feature before performing a test.

Realtime results

See exactly how your specimen is performing on a live graph as all data is captured at 500 times per second (500 Hz).

Easily change graph axes between stress/strain, load/displacement and load/time to better present and understand test results.

Pass or fail indicator

A clear pass (blue tick) or fail (red cross) indicator, according to your specification criteria, alerts operators immediately leaving no doubt about the status of each specimen.

Example PDF reports generated by VectorPro MT materials testing software

Report and analyse

A powerful reporting module allows you to configure test reports to present data the way your customer wants to see it.

Built-in calculations for Young's Modulus, Offset Yield, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Nominal Strain and more, makes analysing the data simple.

Share your data

All the test data can be automatically exported to Microsoft Excel or other data-analysis packages.

You can install VectorPro MT on other computers to easily share customised tests and your results data.

We're here to help

Our technical engineers will help you get started and show you how to configure routines to your exact testing requirements.

We are always on hand to support you if you need any advice or guidance after installation.

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