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Top-load testing
Application and customer examples

We've pulled together some of our favourite top-load testing case studies, application examples, example videos and product introductions.

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MultiTest-xt top-load test cardboard box crush

Top-load test examples and product videos


Case studies and customer examples

Box crush test (BCT) and transit packaging compression testing

Boxes for the consumer and transit packaging industries must be as light as possible whilst still retaining a robustness to contain and protect their contents and also have the strength to stand up to shipping, handling and stacking requirements in service.

The use of corrugation adds rigidity to paper and card packaging materials, which are tested in compression with several crush testing standards, namely the box crush test (BCT) and the related edge (ECT) and stacking crush tests.

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Top-load crush test of plastic bottles


Silgan Plastics is a US based company that has supplied packaging for the personal care, household, automotive. pharmaceutical and food market industries for over 50 years.

To guarantee their containers would perform as expected along customer production lines and remain intact during transportation and storage, the company wanted to undertake top-load tests according to internal, customer and Supplier Packaging Information (SPI) standards.

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Silgan Plastics has utilised the Mecmesin tester in several of our plants over the last two years to monitor top-load. It brings a wealth of features at a very competitive price. We pride ourselves on being the forefront of container performance and capability and the MultiTest top-load tester is a valued piece of our strategy.

Quality Engineer
Silgan Plastics

Top-load testing PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) bottles


Esterform Packaging manufacture more than a million PET bottles and preforms per day for major processors of bottled water, juices, soft drinks, dairy and household products.

During production, Esterform need to be able to assess the axial load capacity of the PET bottles in line with the company's exacting standards of quality.

This is a critical factor to ensure the bottles will not buckle during filling and capping, or when stacked for transportation and storage.

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We have performed top-load tests on our PET bottle production line for nearly a decade with Mecmesin equipment, which has proved extremely robust and reliable. We plan to upgrade our QC test equipment soon and I will have no hesitation in sticking with Mecmesin, owing both to the longevity of their products and the broad range of advanced capabilities on offer.

John Gilroy
Quality Manager, Esterform Packaging

Vaccine delivery device and packaging testing


As COVID-19 has rapidly spread around the world, there is a concerted global effort to find a vaccine.

Millions in international funding is being pledged to vaccine development and to support clinical trials of the most promising prototype drugs.  

Vaccines are administered in a number of ways: orally; by subcutaneous (SC), intramuscular (IM) and intradermal (ID) injections and via the intranasal (IN) route.

Each of these routes requires the vaccine to be carefully controlled and administered via a medical device.

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